Welcome to my website

I am Diego a software engineer based in London, UK.
Here are some of the projects I am currently working on

Golang Cafe

Golang Cafe is a job board targeted at the Go (Golang) community. The site is visited by 50 thousands people every month from all over the world. Golang Cafe was born with the idea of a fairer and more transparent job search experience. All job adverts are manually reviewed. All Job openings include a salary range. There are no recruiters on the platform; applicants apply directly to companies. The community responded positively to the idea and the website has now evolved into a more comprehensive suite of services and tools for the Go community. Salary trends, Golang Developers directory, Companies using Go and Go learning material.

Who Is Mining

Who is Mining? is a website that allows anyone to check whether a site is running cryptocurrency miners without their knowledge. Who is mining was born in 2018 and has accrued since then, positive response and at its peak is visited by 15 thousands visitors each month. Who is mining's mission is to bring awareness of the cryptocurrency mining and more specifically of the 'cryptojacking' phenomenan which has been, since the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, spreading to many sites globally. The site is a free-to-use tool and a free-to-access directory featuring hundreds of sites mining cryptocurrency.